Why the Key of Light and Darkness is a Good Idea

Today we will talk about the new MMORPG game Light and Darkness. In this browser-based fantasy game, you will overcome many obstacles, travel to different places, and choose your further path. And here we will explain why the key of light and darkness is a thing that you need to get as fast as possible.

Light and Darkness Description

The first thing to say is that the game is very similar to the Lineage project. First, we need to talk about the design of the game itself, which is very pleasant and beautiful. Trees, cities, locations, textures, everything is done neatly and exquisitely. In general, the graphics for the browser are excellent, but there is also a minus in the animation, which twitches a little.

It is also worth mentioning the soundtrack, which pleases the ear. In total, the game at this stage has 2 types of servers: PvP and PvE. Since the game is new on these servers, the leveling ratings have been slightly increased. After creating a hero and choosing a server, you can go through the training and start your journey. On city squares, you can trade and buy up the items and potions you need. Also in the game, you will meet many NPCs who will give you tasks. There are a lot of missions in this MMORPG game Light and Darkness, and there are unique tasks for different classes of characters.

Locations in the Game

There are also plenty of locations in the game and the total area of ​​the whole world is 15,000 square miles, while the seas and oceans are not included. For a more convenient wandering around the world in each of the locations, you can find a special portal that will take you to those places that you have already visited.

By the way, entering the portal you will have the opportunity to choose the complexity of the location. In this way, you can make the mobs the same level as you. In the RPG project Light and Darkness, everything is based on percentages.

Character Professions

In total, the game not many character professions. There are only 12 of them. With each new level, you will be able to level up attributes such as strength, agility, stamina, intelligence, skill, and luck. Also, each hero will be able to learn to gather and craft. In addition, any player can join the guild. The developers have created guilds and clans for a reason. Such massive groups can take part in the battles for castles. Also, different guilds can fight with each other for the right to be the most powerful clan.

Other Features

Players in Light and Darkness are able to independently hire a retinue of warriors who will support you in battles. You can travel on your own two legs or get yourself a riding or flying animal. Players will also appreciate the change of day and night in the game, which will affect many in-game events.