The .hack Games: Four-Part Video Games Series

The classic RPG series from the golden era of PlayStation 2 is back in a collectible compilation that spans the entire .hack universe. As for .hack kite, it’s one of the most famous heroes there.

The novelty not only offers the complete story behind the protagonist Haseo, but also immerses you in the mysteries of the original game through the opportunity to watch all the adventures of the pioneer Kite in a long video format. The videos are located in the Terminal Disc section and are a series of 15-20 minutes.

In .hack G.U. Last Recode, Haseo’s adventures are restored from the blurry PS2 world and include the full versions of Rebirth, Reminisce, Redemption, as well as a new epilogue Reconnection, adapted for 1080p and 60 frames per second.

Of course, the technological backwardness is noticeable on blurry backgrounds, pale environments, outdated animation, and visible loads of small details, but the objects themselves look clear and for the most part pleasant. With each next game in the collection, the graphics become more beautiful. The tangible improvements are especially noticeable in the second part.

.hack G.U. Last Recode

The events of the project tell the story of a newcomer who entered the MMO world of The World and was tricked by PK players who kill others for fun. Trying to restore justice, Haseo becomes the main hunter of PK villains until he encounters a character known as Tri-Edge, who, by killing people in the game, inflicts physical injury on them in the real world. After Haseo’s girlfriend, Shino, confronts the Tri-Edge and finds herself in a coma, the main character decides to find the villain and punish all the crimes.

Emitting MMO projects .hack offers the main storyline with side quests, guilds, and multiple dungeon battles. Side quests include hunting dangerous bandits and time trial runs. The authors decided to adapt to modern standards and increased the damage inflicted by your hero, which is why the battles themselves became a little faster.

A simple combat system combines fast and charged attacks, special abilities, blocks, and item use. Battles take place exclusively in real-time, you control only the main character, and opponents are visible on the map. As in many similar projects, you can sneak up to the enemy from behind and deliver a sneaky stab in the back, gaining a slight advantage at the very beginning of the battle.

.hack G.U. Last Recode

Special abilities spend SP but deal significantly more damage. For convenience, the developers have brought them to the quick access menu, which can be easily activated right during the battle.

Successively receiving damage, enemies fall under the influence of a purple aura, which allows you to inflict a strong finishing combo. This action can raise the morale of the party of heroes and temporarily increase their attack.

Unlike modern jRPGs, when contacting enemies, the combat area is fenced off from the rest of the world. However, you can escape if you use a special item.

.hack G.U. Last Recode

Also, for fans of storytelling, a cheating mode is provided, where the initially pumped hero takes out monsters in a couple of hits.

Separately, it should be said about music. The game stands out for its amazing compositions from Chikao Fakuda, who used delicate female vocals in combination with male parts and light bells, which makes many tracks sound unusually sublime and atmospheric.