Sims 4 Camera Mod: Additional Option for New Game Experience

The Sims is one of the most popular franchises in games. Attracting such a wide audience, even with its newest release, The Sims 4, this multi-year series is geared towards casual and hardcore gamers. Even five years after its release, the game has a few surprises. One of the most notable is the first-person view mode, i.e. from the character’s eyes.

It’s no secret that transferring traditional computer games to consoles has always been a difficult task. A lot of things, sharpened specifically for the PC, refused to be transferred normally to the platform, which is arranged differently and uses a different method of control. Three years after the release of Sims 4, they decided to port it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Why has the developer waited so long? Did he use that time to tweak the port, or was the delay related to the lack of confidence that something worthy would come out?

The Sims 3 for PlayStation 3 was the first game in the series to lose nothing in terms of gameplay and content compared to PC. This was not a special version – almost everything remained unchanged in it, and the opinion about the port was positive. The controls were surprisingly well adapted to the controller, and only frankly long loading screens were frustrating.

What started as a joke from one producer has turned into a real project on the developer’s side? With Shift + Tab, the camera will switch to a first-person view. In such a way the player can look at Sim’s world through the eyes of the hero. Now it’s possible to watch TV or look around as your hero does! Basically it’s like real possibility to be fully involved into the game and feel it.

New option

In a thread was noted that builders in sense of that community in the game that is busy with the building now use a first-person camera. This option can be used to make tours around the house.

A whole new factor to turn on is now available for creation and gameplay challenges. In case if you just want to dive into the great world of the Sims and see all the details of the reality, you can now easily make it the truth.

How does it work

This camera lets to see the world through the eyes of the heroes, while they roam under the influence of an invisible and omnipresent force. This force arbitrarily rules their lives. Also, as stated on the official website, the mod will blend in with other mods that similarly illuminate the Sims’ intimate sphere. It is not my business how you will use this function.

Interesting fact is that this feature at first was evaluated as a joke, but the players liked it a lot. As a result, the developers decided to turn it into a basic feature. It’s rather easy to use the option and create own experience.