Rye pioneer full list of achievements: the need to win a hundred gold trophy

With the Overwatch is about to meet with the majority of players, athletics after this masterpiece from global stress test before the players has been much concern. Recently, PSN website announced in advance, Overwatch full trophy list of achievements. A total of 60 game trophies: a platinum, one gold, five silver and 53 bronze. Gold trophy which requires players to win 100 games! Platinum trophy to obtain similar way as other games: Get all the other trophies.

In the bronze cup, we can see the need for players to reach 10, 25 and 50, is the highest level of the game is it 50? In addition, there are other ways to get the trophy with a specific role to accomplish specific skills and so on. Gold trophy is the players need to win 100 games, for those who like this type of game players is concerned, it should be not difficult.

Rye pioneer full list of achievements