Risk of Rain 2 Rusted Key and Other Items Description

In this guide, you will learn about the most important items, their bundles, and how to open them. And we will start with the Risk of Rain 2 rusted key, which is actually one of the most interesting and useful items in the game.

Rusted Key Description

Basically, this item simply allows the player to open a hidden cache. And the most important part is that each key increases the chance of a rare item drop. To open the possibility to use the key, you need to defeat the portal boss in 15 seconds.

Other Important Items

Now we will talk about other items, which are needed to successfully play Risk of Rain 2.

Hard times. 15% (+ 15% per unit) chance to block damage taken. Unlocks after five deaths.

Monster Tooth. When an enemy dies, a sphere of healing drops out of it, restoring 6hp (+6 per unit). Yes, it also opens at the very beginning.

Paul’s goat hoof. Increases movement speed by 14% (+ 14% per unit). Unlocks after three consecutive failures at the Shrine of Fortune.

Wild mushroom. Standing in one place, a healing zone appears, restoring 4.5% HP per second. (+ 2.25% per piece), with a radius of 3m (+ 1.5m per piece). Opened at the beginning.

Scrap. Deals 150% damage (+ 30% per item) to enemies over 90% health. Unlocks after finding ten different common items.

Three-edged dagger. 15% (+ 15% per item) chance to cause an enemy to bleed for 240% damage. Opened at the beginning.

Battle banner. When the level rises, a zone appears that increases the attack and movement speed by 30%, within a radius of 16m (+ 8m per piece). Opened at the very beginning.

Unusual Items in the Game

Pen Hopu. Gives 1 (+1 per unit) jump. Opened immediately at the beginning of your walkthrough.

Berserker’s shoulder. When killing 3 enemies per second, it increases attack speed by 2 times and movement speed by 1.5 times. Unlocks when charging a teleporter with 10% hp (and below).

Injection. When killing an enemy, it gives +1 hp (permanently) and stacks up to 100 hp (+100 per unit). Unlocks after killing 3000 enemies.

Red whip. When you are not in combat and just running, movement speed is increased by 30% (+ 30% per unit).

Wandering light. After the death of the enemy, an explosion occurs with a radius of 12 m (+2.4 m per piece), dealing 350% (+ 280% per piece). Opened at the beginning.


These were the most interesting items in Risk of Rain 2, which should be considered if you want to successfully deal with the game. Try to collect them at the beginning and you will be able to normally start.