List of Tracer counters and why

  1. McCree: flashbang into fan = dead Tracer, no questions
  2. Roadhog: hook into shot = dead tracer, no questions
  3. Soldier 76: massive auto damage and auto spread which actually helps against tracer whos constantly on the move. just aim at her and fire and you will most likely hit her. a few of 76’s bullets take her out. Have atrocious aim? never fear Aimbot ult is here.
List of Tracer counters and why
  1. Junkrat: oh man you need to stop Tracer from moving around so much? just shoot them bouncing balls around her area and tracer is bound to hit one of them. and thats all it takes. one ball is enough to kill Tracer. oh shes up close to you? just shoot a ball at her directly they explode on impact. thats not enough? you need a trap too that stops all movement because you’re not getting lucky with those bouncing balls of death? And that causes 80 damage? hah! well looky here it seems you have a trap that does more than half of her health in damage! oh you need to escape from her and perhaps kill her in the process? never fear just lob your bomb at her and explode it onto her killing her and launching you to safety!
  2. mei: i cant keep typing in a sarcastic manner its too much to type. ok you can freeze her if she gets close. if you somehow dont freeze her in time and shes about to kill you just ice block. other than that she’ll run away from you. if she sticky bombs you just ice block and it negates all damage
  3. reaper: one shot to the face kills tracer. got stuck by her bomb? just wraith form outta there. if shes too far for a head shot, shoot anyway, your shot guns have massively unusual range for shot guns.
  4. Don’t feel like doing anything, but still dealing with Tracer? just set up a level 2 Torbjorn turret.

there we go. Thats the complete list for heroes that counter Tracer that DONT need to have extreme precision.

If you have decent aim, and predicting then the following heroes become counters to Tracer:

  1. Hanzo: one fuly charged arrow is enough to take her out
  2. Pharah: predict her movements and get that AOE damage on her. 2-3 missiles should do it. or just one missile if its a direct hit
  3. widowmaker: gotta hit her, but if you do chances are your aiming for the head, and then yeah headshot=dead Tracer. i think even fully charged body shot = dead Tracer.