How to Deal with the Destiny 2 Decrypted Cache Key

To obtain the Exotic Beam Rifle “Divinity,” you have to go through a rather difficult stage and get a decrypted cache key. It is associated with solving a puzzle with leashes, similar to the one that is present in the Garden of Salvation raid. After you pass it, you have to fight with a rather dangerous boss. Then you will finally be allowed to open the chest that contains the weapon.

If you’re unsure of how to solve a tethered puzzle in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, or can’t find where the puzzles begin, check out our guide. Here we will discuss the Destiny 2 Decrypted Cache Key. We have covered this stage in detail so that you can get to the exotic thing as quickly as possible.

How to Start the Decrypted Cache Key

First of all, you must complete the previous stage called “Core of Nightmares,” which involves purchasing the Enhanced Decryption Core for 30 Fragments in the Lectern of Sorcery. Then start the Garden of Salvation raid and get to the sealed button that activates the puzzle.

It consists of 7 stages, in each of which you will need to solve a small puzzle related to the harnesses. Note that the progress of the puzzle is not saved. That is if you manage to solve all the riddles, but you cannot defeat the final boss and decide to exit the raid, then when you enter it again you will have to solve the whole puzzle again.

How to Solve Tether Puzzles in Destiny 2

First Puzzle

So, starting the puzzle, follow in the direction of the first stage of the raid. When you go up the stairs to the huge entrance, immediately turn 180 degrees. On both sides of the stairs, you will see passages to the rooms with the first puzzle.

Your goal will be to chain the cube from the first room to the cube from the second. To do this, there should be 3 guards on the premises, and one player should stand on each shelf. Then shoot the cube and create a chain.

Third Puzzle

It can be found in the spacious area between the first and second stages of the raid. It has a massive branch that extends from the ceiling on the right side. Climb it and go to the place where the shooting capsules appear to find the starting point of the leash. 6 knots will appear in this area, you will need to direct the leash to each of them.

After this, you will finish the raid and will be able to get the desired key and open the chest.